Congressman Peter Defazio


Democratic Party of Lane County


Eugene Education Association


Lane Community College Education Association

Oregon Working Families Party


Winter Green Farm


Mountain Rose Herbs


Sierra Club, Many Rivers Group


Service Employees International Union Local 503


Service Employees International Union Local 49


Lane County Workers - AFSCME Local 2831


Green Light (Not endorsement, but approval) from


Oregon League of Conservation Voters


United Food and Commercial Workers


Alpha Farm

Living Well Nature Spirit Sanctuary


“Nora Kent brings people together. I applaud her for running for Commissioner. She’s a real fighter.”

– Florence City Councilor Ron Preisler

“Lane County needs Nora Kent. In the era of #metoo we need to break up the boy’s club.”

– Junction City resident Zenia Liebman

"My family and I have known Nora Kent for over ten years, during which time we have been impressed by Nora's empathy, work ethic, and intelligence. Nora productively engages with people that hold diverse viewpoints, and collaborates to get important initiatives and projects completed. I believe that Nora Kent will be an asset to the people of Lane County as a member of the Board of Commissioners."

- Mizu Burruss, Deadwood resident

"I would be happy to endorse Nora Kent for Lane County Commissioner. I appreciate her passion for the diverse Lane County lands and interest in improving the stewardship of them."

- David Turner, UO Professor, Author of Along the Long Tom River

"Nora Kent completed CERT Training and has taught FEMA’s Preparedness Message to her students, helping them to understand the devastating scope of a Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake and Tsunami. She is acutely aware of the established “Mandate” for implementing The Oregon Resilience Plan and has reviewed the recent five-year update to this 50-year planning document. I believe she has the intellect and temperament to balance the need for growth and resilience projects, both of which are critical as Lane County Prepares."

- Frank Nulty, Geologist, Retired CERT Coordinator

"I know how Nora helps folks in the community. I personally know three men that she helped to get their GED and get their life back on track. I know she cares  about all the folks in Lane County and will work to improve their lives."

- Stan Poe, Logger and Farmer, Indian Creek

Nora Kent may not have political experience or connections to big industry, but we think that's a good thing. She's a common sense, collaborative problem solver. She has worked and will continue to work for the common people. I have years of experience working with Nora at LCC and in other community endeavors. I know she has what it takes to learn quickly and responsibly to the people of west Lane County.
- Hal Palmer and Antonia Blum

I’m Karla Sanders and I’m endorsing Nora Kent for commissioner. She has worked with me to support DACA recipients. She has organized events to help gather funds so we can provide financial support for DACA recipients. Nora is always ready to support the Hispanic community and I believe she will do great as commissioner.

-Karla Sanders

Jennah Litecky Yost

Maryanne F. Fox

Marina Saltman

Maggie Oldershaw

Mary Lou Vignole

Leigh Anne Jasheway

James Neu

Don Nahnsew

Robin Bloomgarden

Kathy Shamey

Brooke Shafer

Karin Radtke

Mike Allen

Maureen Miltenberger

Jeanne S. Kimball

Sharon rieke

Karin Brown

Linda Stent

Cathy Dupont

Bill Fleenor

Ron Preisler

Ran Dawsen

Lauren Hesse

Deb Suggs

Ron Suggs

Karen Beasley

Ron Waccare

Elizabeth Rodgers-Waccare

Pete Sorenson

Katie Geiser

Sydney Kissinger

Jay Nefcy

David Eisler

Sarah Sheffield

Nancy Kerr

Sharon Hopperstad

Lea Patten

John Raymond

Mildred Rowley

Bill Klupenger

Cathy Dupont

Karen Brown

Frank Nulty

Stan Poe

Peter Chabarek 


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  • commented 2018-03-20 22:24:22 -0700
    Nora Kent would be a breath of fresh air on the Board of Commissioners. Would be great to have a representative on the board who listens to the citizens of Lane County over the timber barons.
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