Nora Kent for Lane County Commissioner


After careful consideration with my family, and with an outpouring of encouragement from my community here on the coast, on February 5 2018, I joined the race for West Lane Commissioner.

I spent my career as an instructor in the Adult Basic Education Department at Lane Community College. I have worked with unemployed and injured workers who are trying to get their life back on track. Many of my students feel the hopelessness that is prevalent in our society. I work my best to connect them with services and build their confidence in themselves. Many have succeeded in entering job training and college, but so many more have not been able to overcome their obstacles to success, including proper health care, counseling, transportation and childcare.

I’m proud of my career as an educator. I make a significant difference in the lives of my students and I have been a vocal advocate for them in the community.

My work as a teacher and advocate has prepared me to wear a new hat as a community organizer.  For instance, this year I organized the Women's March in Florence and a highly successful fundraiser for local DACA youth. I have vision and the ability to make change happen.

It’s time for a change.

Lane County Commissioners have not been responsive to rural people of Lane County. They have  only represented a few special interests. They have ignored the will of citizens and eroded our democracy by  erecting roadblocks to the citizen initiative process. They have not responded to our calls and emails.

My priorities as commissioner would include creating living wage jobs, building affordable housing and opening access to healthcare. I believe we can accomplish these things without taking short cuts that harm the environment. I will  work to protect our forests and waterways. I’ll work with Lane’s state legislators on implementing the Clean Energy Jobs bill instead of driving to Salem and testifying against it. I will take my constituent service responsibilities seriously.

My name is Nora Kent, and I humbly ask for your vote.



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